This Semester

Harder. That’s this semester in a word. From physics, chemistry and such and such…they get a bit too much to handle. Maybe that’s just how SMAN 78 Jakarta works. Maybe that’s just how life works.

While you can say that other subjects are getting harder, that’s not the case with English. It’s not bounded by anything. It’s however you want to study it. It’s how you speak. And while there are competences you’d still have to fulfil, you wouldn’t have to worry, because you don’t really have to study it—rather, you learn it.

As for the English class this semester, I have to say I feel quite good about it. There’s never any kind of pressure, for me or my friends. Everything just flows. Mr. Emery, who is our teacher for this semester, is not the kind who gives you tons of homework. He’d only give you a handful of homework and would rather focus on giving you assignments which require you to speak English—he doesn’t even let you speak Bahasa in class. An example of this would be the drama assignment where each of us was asked to play a part without reading the script. Even with these assignments, I’m actually confused. Mr. E (that’s how we’re going to call him from now) never really gave us any lesson. I don’t know if this is a thing only Mr. E does or if everyone else does it. But never mind that, what matters is that we’re having fun.

The Fairy Godmother
The Fairy Godmother

Of course, no class is perfect. While the class is fun, Mr. E, relatively speaking, rarely came to class. But a loss is just another gain, if you take a look from another perspective. It slows down the learning process but, be that as it may, it’s always nice to have some free time, especially when you’re done with math.

So there’s that. A class that is a mess, really, but fun nevertheless.



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